Nothing needs to fall through the cracks again

There is no need to forget, lose track, or miss an important action.

Noticing needed actions may be one of the most powerful functions that computers can help with, as it allows proactive attention by managers prior to the problem. Without this, managers wait for a problem before responding, as they may be unaware of a critical need. 

A high value alert can prevent a potential loss, be it in sales, production, or accounting. Your business system can send email and text alerts based on the data that you want to track, and as a result all stakeholders can be kept alert of any circumstance.

Alerts can do things like this:

  • Prioritize follow-up with a customer once a quote is requested
  • Tell purchasing that inventory is low
  • Remind managers of project objectives

An alert can even initiate an action such as generating a purchase order or building a report to send to a manager.  One of the great things is that the rule that triggers an alert can be as complex as desired—for example, if you want your system to check inventory, and then check open purchasing, before it sends a request to order more.

A perfect example is the benefit of increased cash flow when alerts remind customers to pay on time through proactive emails, rather than your company waiting for accounts to go late before you take action. Alerts can be changed and developed to keep all parts of operations under automatic scrutiny.

With automatic alerting, nothing again needs to fall through the cracks. 

It is a no-brainer for many organizations, as the one-time cost of a few thousand dollars is a fraction of the costs saved month after month. Let us know if we can help you set up automatic alerting for your organization.