AIS Quality Management for AccountMate

Quality control automation that increases your organizational stability, your value delivered to customers and employees, and your profitability

When you and your team want to be able to check the quality of work done, AIS Quality Management System Software gives you the flexibility to include all your quality standards in your system so that nothing falls through the cracks.


    • ISO standards
    • Government regulations and safety standards
    • Industry compliance standards
    • Your customer’s unique quality standards
    • Your own unique quality standards

Use AIS Quality Management to manage all your quality control details

1. Quality Standards Documents

  • Define your quality standards in documents to govern user access to each system.
  • Assign training requirements to each quality standards document.

2. Quality Standards Training

  • Develop course materials to teach the quality standards.
  • Publish electronic and hand-written tests to assess knowledge of the quality standards.
  • Deliver the tests and document results.
  • Expedite individuals to test—to accommodate personnel shortages, outages and overtime, and finding the best match of skilled labor for daily duties.

3. Quality Management Status Assessment

  • Report a list of users who accessed, tested, need to test, are in training, or completed various training.
  • Report on training dates, start and due dates of testing, the length of time users spend in training, and test results.
  • Report by document, by user, and by department.

4. Updates to Quality Standards

  • When you add or update a quality standard, the next time the user logs in, they’ll be redirected to training to learn what’s new, then take a test. They must pass the test before they can access the system to begin work.

The reason to get an ERP system is to add automations that get you to higher levels of quality beyond just your accounting system.

AIS Quality Management product brochure

Read more about how to bring your failure rate close to zero while maintaining higher profit margins.

View or download the PDF—AIS Quality Management for AccountMate.

Ensure that all your quality standards are met

Get your quality controls and checks built in throughout your process anywhere you want them, from sales orders to purchasing, manufacturing, delivery and more.

Make it easy to do things the way your company wants things done

With AIS Quality Management, the system supports your process. People don’t have to guess how to do something, or remember to enter some data on another screen, or work around the established process in order to do the right thing for a customer. Your process is automated the way you want it.

Automated Quality Management System Software Helps Your Operations Flourish

Elevate the value discussion with your customers beyond product and price.

Guarantee that your sales orders will be successful, because you’re preventing future problems with your customers.

Get paid sooner by your customers, because there’s no dispute over whether it was done right and completed to standards.

Make it easy for employees to confidently achieve perfect results for customers.

Proactively nourish your customer relationships and increase customer retention and profitability.


Use AIS Quality Management to audit your quality

Schedule recurring audits

Base your quality audits on employee, machine, process, department, customer, product, or other criteria.

For example, you could schedule audits based on the experience level of the employee; or based on recurring cycles in your sales or operations.

Set targeted audits after something goes wrong

Suppose you get a product return from your customer after they noticed a mistake, and the item in question came from one batch of product.

AIS Quality Management lets you take corrective action, such as assuring your customer that you’ll automatically audit all their orders before they ship for the next two months and provide documentation so they can trust that you’ve addressed the problem.

Know immediately when something has failed

AIS Quality Management can alert you as soon as an action is taken that veers from your quality standards. You define who gets alerted, in what circumstances.

You see close-up when things go wrong. By spotting and identifying problems quickly, you can pinpoint errors and ensure they are responded to or alleviated before the order or service is delivered.

Everything is integrated, and customized to your quality standards

AIS Quality Management integrates with AccountMate modules, such as the RMA module, so that quality management is tracked across your organization. Your documents, your testing protocols, your audit schedules, your non-compliance criteria—there are no limits, because AccountMate is the world’s most flexible accounting and ERP system.

In a world of growing complexity, it costs more to not manage quality. It opens up unnecessary liability. Lack of quality controls isn't a worthwhile carrying cost today.

AIS is the creator of AIS Quality Management for AccountMate; we work with your AccountMate Business Partner. Contact your AccountMate BP to request a demo of Quality Management to see how it can improve your company’s compliance to standards. If you don’t have an AccountMate BP, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Trust that all your company’s work is moving perfectly