Custom Manufacturing 

Are you looking for a system that will easily allow continuous improvements to your production?

We’ll help your workflow become more and more efficient—while returning higher profits and fitting your unique processes

Manufacturing Company Case Study

Learn how this custom manufacturer relied on AIS to help them move from department to department to cut costs, improve accuracy and remove constraints to growth for 24 years as their business kept evolving.

View or download the PDF—Manufacturer Case Study

Problems drag down the profit margin

“If it costs me $1.5M to sell $1M then I’ve lost money. It’s not gross revenue. It’s increased profit margin that I want. All those extra pieces of work—extra to produce, deliver, provide customer service, labor—diminish the profitability of the job.”

–General Manager

Are you bumping into software limitations that force you to do things differently than you want to?

Customer-focused manufacturers often have special requirements to support their process innovations

When a manufacturer is innovative by nature, every job is different. They innovate with products and customer service, and with their internal processes.

For example:

  • You use different units of measurement for purchase vs. manufacture vs. sales, where the logic to sync these up isn’t simple
  • Your pricing rules vary by customer contract or quote
  • Your customer buys their own raw goods and materials and you need to track those separately
  • Your scheduling needs change with the types of jobs you work on
  • You need to track items by serial number. Or by lot, with full traceability for regulatory compliance.

The trouble is that most software can’t adapt to special requirements like that. Or if it can, it involves a long and costly programming project.

Let’s remove your technology constraints

Our Software services company in Timonium specialize in setting up financial and ERP system that fit your needs.

We use flexible source code software that’s specifically built to encourage any aspect to be changed. 

Those little bits of tailoring can make a big difference, allowing you to track and manage things exactly the way you want to.

Once you get used to how easy it is to tweak how things work, you’ll be able to make cost-effective improvements to your system on an ongoing basis to keep ratcheting up your productivity and ease of work. It’s an exciting way to work.

Whether you have one plant, or locations worldwide…. whether you build one $2M unit per month or a thousand $2 units per hour

  • Line manufacturing
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Process manufacturing
  • Job shop
  • Integrated distribution and services functions

Your specialty manufacturing situation can be easily supported. Your “weird” requirement can be handled. Expert consulting is included.

Our flexible mid-tier systems cover the full range of manufacturing and accounting capabilities. We invite you to begin a conversation with us about your vision for how you want things to work. What brings you to our site today?

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