AIS FastEntry for AccountMate

Remote entry from the plant floor or job site. 

Instantly syncs to your pertinent job data in AccountMate

For companies that build and manage custom jobs

Get fast, accurate tracking—for better insight into job status and profitability as each job progresses.

  • Job status
  • Labor hours
  • Materials used
  • Finished goods

Simply swipe the Android phone to punch in and out, record the type of work they are doing, and scan materials used and finished goods completed.

AIS FastEntry 

1. Remote Time Entry

Simply load the app on an Android, log-in and start the job clock. Then, scan a bar code or select work-type code for a customized drop-down screen for job number, work order number, and/or labor type to track their time used on a job or a specific day.

Once the work is complete, scan or select a new work-type code to start tracking their time usage per task. 

Time logs are automatically uploaded to AccountMate Payroll module along with codes to automatically assign recorded time usage to the appropriate job, work order, and/or type of labor.

2. Remote Material Entry

Workers use their phones to scan in the materials they use as they work, which automatically assigns those materials to the current job number.

3. Remote Finished Goods Entry

Workers manufacturing goods can use a phone to mark them as finished and put away, by recording the quantity per line item for a job number, work order, or for general inventory. This will update the amount available on hand in AccountMate.

Just scan, tap or type into FastEntry from a phone at the job site, in the workshop, or on the plant floor.

Be confident in your job costing

Since all time, materials and finished goods get automatically assigned to the appropriate sales orders by FastEntry, you have access at all times to the numbers you need to assess profitability accurately and make informed decisions as needed day-to-day as the job is built.

Be confident in your worker’s time tracking

With timesheets, spreadsheets, punch clocks or verbal reporting, it’s common to lose money continuously due to accidental time tracking errors or even purposeful time padding theft and fraud. FastEntry handles all time tracking electronically, allowing workers to clock in and clock out as they arrive and leave, removing the majority of opportunities for error and eliminating manual steps.

Visibility into time and materials on the job in real time allows you to spot potential problems before things spiral out of control

AIS FastEntry product brochure

Learn more about how to get consistently accurate day-to-day transparency across your jobs.

View or download the PDF—AIS FastEntry for AccountMate.

Easier communications for your people

Automate the sharing of the ongoing resource usage information that everyone on your team needs to access.

Time entry is faster when everything’s connected

With AIS FastEntry, there are no paper tracking sheets. There’s no walking the sheets to the office to be keyed in by hand. There’s no manual coding of the logs to indicate type of labor and job number. Instead, the entire workflow is automated and streamlined.

Fast entry step-by-step

When a worker needs additional materials and scans them with their phone, those materials are immediately removed from the “on hand” quantity and allocated to the job’s order in AccountMate.

Data flows to where it's needed

When a worker assembles items for a custom job and scans them with their phone, the finished goods are instantly updated in AccountMate.

Detailed tracking

When a worker taps their phone to punch out of one task and punch into the next, the information about the type of work and the hours completed are automatically added to the job in AccountMate.

Flexibility is built-in

Like all AIS products and AccountMate itself, FastEntry has no limits when it comes to setting it up to fit your business needs. You can ask for changes to how the screens look, how reports are organized, how information flows to your departments, and more.

AIS FastEntry is quite cost-effective

The per-user cost is less than time card apps that aren’t fully integrated with your financial software, warehouse inventories, and other functions.

There’s no need to purchase licenses of AccountMate and computers for field and plant workers, because FastEntry runs on the web from their Android phones.

      • No additional AccountMate User Licenses required.
      • Track labor hours to eliminate mundane manual data entry.
      • Immediately posts data to AccountMate modules and add-ons.
      • FastEntry does much more than track labor hours. It immediately posts data to AccountMate modules and add-ons—like time to Payroll, time, materials and finished goods to work orders in Manufacturing, and time and/or materials to Field Services & Installation.

Work proactively instead of reactively with this portable Fast Entry tool.

AIS is the creator of AIS FastEntry for AccountMate; we work with your AccountMate Business Partner. Contact your AccountMate BP to request a demo of FastEntry to see how it can improve your company’s most critical or unique processes. If you don’t have an AccountMate BP, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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