Sustaining a Competitive Edge with AccountMate for Over Three Decades



In the year 1987, a pivotal moment in the world of software development presented itself. The need for software that could be customized to meet specific requirements at a reasonable cost was on the rise. It was during this period that Mark Hambleton, the President of Analysis & Information Services, Inc., made a noteworthy discovery in AccountMate, an adaptable software framework. This discovery marked the inception of an extraordinary journey spanning 35 years, during which the company has delivered a myriad of tailor-made business solutions.


Business Partner:

Analysis & Information Services, Inc.


Business Type:

Custom Software and IT Services


Mark Hambleton, President of Analysis & Information Services, Inc., remarks, “We are committed to delivering the highest quality systems, customized to individual workflows, firmly grounded in secure accounting practices. Yet, the demands of complex manufacturers and distributors have evolved, necessitating additional functionalities.”


The Challenge:

To maintain a competitive edge, Analysis & Information Services, Inc. faced the daunting task of staying abreast of the continually evolving functional requirements of intricate manufacturing and distribution operations. These requirements encompassed web interfaces, document management, workflow automation, and mobile field-based functionalities. The landscape of the business software industry was significantly altered by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses were compelled to explore Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions. However, SAAS solutions often fell short in terms of flexibility for catering to individual needs and were typically costlier. AccountMate, while excelling in accounting and inventory management, lacked an intuitive web-based interface and straightforward mobile applications. To address these challenges, a hybrid solution was imperative, one that seamlessly integrated on-premises, web-based, and mobile connectivity.


The Solution:

Leveraging their extensive experience in optimizing workflows and crafting bespoke software, Analysis & Information Services, Inc. harnessed AccountMate SQL to develop the AIS Project Manager. This comprehensive suite of tools introduced enhancements to various AccountMate modules, including sales and order entry, manufacturing, purchasing, inventory management, distribution, and quality control. The result was a robust solution offering web-based management capabilities, handheld tools, and enhanced AccountMate forms, all meticulously tailored to the unique requirements of custom manufacturers and high-volume distributors.

Workflow Management:

The functionality of the AIS Project Manager streamlined intricate workflow processes, enabling users to generate faster and more accurate estimates and to efficiently manage projects through workflow automation. It introduced transparency into documentation, workflow prerequisites, and project status. The system was also designed to accommodate distributors and installers handling complex inventories. With user-controlled workflow elements, the creation of intricate workflow chains that incorporate comprehensive documentation became a straightforward process.

The supplementary functionalities significantly augmented various AccountMate modules, including Sales Order Configurator, Sales Order Management, Manufacturing, Payroll, Inventory, and Invoicing. Moreover, the software’s inherent customizability ensured that Analysis & Information Services, Inc. could meet the distinct requirements of their forward-thinking clientele.


Offering What our Competitors Can’t:

The amalgamation of AccountMate’s existing modules with the AIS Project Management functions enabled the company to offer solutions with enhanced functionality (accessible through PCs, browsers, and handheld tools), heightened security (with accounting data remaining off-site), and cost-effectiveness, eclipsing leading ERP providers who predominantly rely on SAAS models. By adhering to the AccountMate framework, the solutions retained a high degree of customizability, ensuring clients an exact fit. This unique blend of flexibility, workflow automation, and unwavering accounting integrity has positioned Analysis & Information Services, Inc. as a prominent player in the market.


Supporting Current AccountMate Customers:

Analysis & Information Services, Inc. didn’t just create these solutions; they wholeheartedly adopted them. The AIS Project Manager was embraced for internal use, providing real-time insights into complex ERP implementations and custom software projects. This tool granted instantaneous visibility into project status, facilitated rapid issue identification, and offered bottleneck analysis, all while ensuring access to project details and documentation. This integration has profoundly enhanced operational agility, fostering collaboration, improving efficiency, scalability, and equitable workload distribution among teams, which ultimately translates to a delighted customer base.


In the words of Mark Hambleton, “When all the pertinent information can be properly gathered from the customer up front—then requirements planning, scheduling, and production flow much more quickly.”


For over three decades, Analysis & Information Services, Inc. has continued to evolve and innovate, harnessing the power of AccountMate to remain at the forefront of delivering tailored solutions that precisely meet the unique needs of their clients.