Case Studies

20 Years of Growth with Continuous Improvements in One AccountMate System

Softland International was a distribution company that specialized in rack jobbing. They supplied non-durable goods to base exchanges on US military bases and naval ships worldwide.

Over 20 years they grew from $35M  to $100M, when they were successfully acquired. Their CEO proactively used their accounting and ERP system as a competitive advantage to drive that growth. He partnered with AIS for the entire two decades to continuously customize and expand their system to increase speed and efficiency, solve problems, improve customer service and their own team’s working environment, and increase profit. Read Softland’s story.

Distribution Company Case Study: Softland International

Learn how Softland International worked with AIS to continuously adapt their AccountMate system for 20 years, to support their growth and meet their changing business needs.

View or download the PDF—Distributor Case Study: Softland International.

It's about staying competitive

“The bottom line is that our highly customized software lets us offer more value to our customers faster than our competition.”

–Patrick Nugent, CEO

Solving Problems and Cutting Costs—Year In, Year Out, for 24 Years

A manufacturer of custom-built modular home additions has a one mile square campus of workshops, warehouses and offices. Their innovative general manager drove workflow improvements in department after department for 24 straight years. AIS partnered with him to customize their AccountMate system to solve problems, improve quality, and make life easier for workers, resellers, and customers. Read their story.

Manufacturing Company Case Study

Learn how this manufacturer relied on AIS to help them move from department to department to cut costs, improve accuracy and remove constraints to growth for 24 years as their business kept evolving.

View or download the PDF—Manufacturer Case Study

Problems drag down the profit margin

“If it costs me $1.5M to sell $1M then I’ve lost money. It’s not gross revenue. It’s increased profit margin that I want. All those extra pieces of work—extra to produce, deliver, provide customer service, labor—diminish the profitability of the job.”

–General Manager

“People don’t expect it. But once they see what’s possible, they generate business ideas on a higher level.”   –Mark Hambleton, Founder, AIS