ESG Enterprises

Would you like to track your Environment, Social and Corporate Governance performance as well as you track your profits?

We’ll provide you with an accounting system that lets you track all your results—and easily communicate your results to others

You can assess your environmental and human impact metrics as systematically as your financial metrics

A flexible accounting system offers the tools to manage both ESG impact and finances.

For example:

  • Measure individual human impacts – You might set up alerts for steps in your workflow to learn where you can proactively make your employees’ jobs easier.
    • Measure community impacts – Perhaps you want to measure how your vendors and suppliers align with your company values so you can prioritize where to support them in improving weaker areas.
      • Measure environmental impacts – You could go deeper than typical sustainability checklists (“organic,” “sustainable,” “green”) to a meaningful system that helps drive down your company’s environmental footprint.
        • Report with transparency to any stakeholder group, whether customers, investors, supply chain partners, board members, customers or employees.
          • Demonstrate the benefits you’re producing, clean and clear, free of harm to people and planet.
            • Document compliance for internal and external validation.

            What types of ESG data would you like to track, improve, and share?

            The sky’s the limit—AccountMate has unlimited flexibility to support your unique requirements


            Carbon footprint

            Energy efficiency

            Water conservation


            Waste, byproducts, scrap, reuse

            Local/global production, transportation, shipping

            Materials, packaging

            And more


            Community impact

            Personal development

            Fair wages and labor practices

            Health and Safety

            Data privacy

            Supply chain, vendors, contractors

            And more



            ESG certifications, memberships



            Board composition

            Executive compensation

            Community investment

            And more

            Choose what to measure and monitor as you work to make the world better

            We believe that true accounting in business includes the ability to account for ESG impact.

            Let’s talk about innovative ways to report on the data that will give actionable insights for your decision making. What aspect of your business are you seeking to improve?

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