Try this easy way to find costly broken accounting processes

MarkAutomation, Processes

The back office is where many workflow logjams and inefficiencies become apparent Cumbersome processes and workarounds from around your organization often become most visible in the back office, because accounting is where transactions from around the company must finally be reconciled. Look for opportunities to remove workflow speed barriers and fix processes that are costing your company time and money. … Read More

Find the number that best indicates the health of your organization

MarkAutomation, Metrics

Which “magic number” tells you the most about how you’re really doing? In this classic Inc. Magazine column, The Magic Number: Every business has a magic number. By employing his, our columnist didn’t overstaff this year, serial entrepreneur and business coach Norm Brodsky explains why the very best numbers to watch are unique to each company—and they aren’t the standard … Read More