Is the complexity of your funding increasing?

We’ll set up technology that adeptly handles your financial management needs—now, and as your requirements grow over time

Consider managing your operations with a robust financial system that custom-fits your mission and makes things flow better:

Fund accounting with unlimited funds (permanently restricted, temporarily restricted and unrestricted) with customizable fund types

Contribution management and secure acceptance of online payments and recurring donations

HR, donor and volunteer databases to make it easy to track current contact info, log communications, and as many other data fields as you want.

Unlimited reporting options offering standard reports plus any type of reports or financial statements you wish. No more piles of spreadsheets.

Adapting to unique needs—Maybe you have an inventory of physical items to track, or delivery routes to optimize, or another process that’s less typical for nonprofits. Those can be integrated into your system too.

Enhance your nonprofit’s ability to do more with ease

We’ll set up reliable financial tools and internal controls to help you optimize the strength of your nonprofit, your connections, and your beneficial impact. 

We’d be genuinely thrilled to talk with you no matter how large or small your nonprofit is. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.

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