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Wholesale Distributors

If your workflow speed has slowed and errors are going up, get an automated system to increase your agility and accuracy as your company grows. 

Here are 3 distributors who turned to AIS when their systems stopped being reliable

1. A software failure nearly shut down the business

A wholesale distributor supplies housewares to big retailers. One day their system failed, stopping order entry, shipping, inventory management and more. But their software was no longer supported and the vendor was no longer taking support calls. 

AIS got them up and running on a new system in a few days, just in time to prevent them from going out of business.

2. Rapid growth added $100K/year in costs from operational inefficiencies

This distributor supplies materials to the residential construction industry. Their increased sales greatly worsened customer service failures. Quotes got lost. Customer service reps didn’t have access to info about what sales reps promised. Items were delivered, installed and serviced with unnecessary multiple touches, drawing down profits. Customers unhappy with their jobs delayed their payments.

AIS set up automation to prevent these failures and their costs, while consolidating all customer and item information into one system that all departments share.

3. To handle growth without hiring, process automation was needed 

A regional distributor of machine tools and parts had outdated financial management software that was having problems keeping up. Employees were spending more and more time processing orders, invoicing, monitoring status, etc., when they had less and less time to do so. These things needed to happen automatically in a push way so the users didn’t have to initiate processes in the software.

AIS automated many of their communications, allowing them to run a $10M to $12M company and keep growing, with the same five salespeople and no new hires.

Distribution Company Case Study: Softland International

Learn how Softland International worked with AIS to continuously adapt their AccountMate system for 20 years, to support their growth and meet their changing business needs.

View or download the PDF—Distributor Case Study: Softland International.

It's about staying competitive

“The bottom line is that our highly customized software lets us offer more value to our customers faster than our competition.”

–Patrick Nugent, CEO

Don’t spread your software budget evenly across your workflow

Your high-value process is the place to address problems and really tailor your system. That’s where it pays to remove all constraints, optimize things, and bolster your ability to innovate and iterate.

In the other areas of your workflow, stick with the standard choices that come with the software. Save larger changes for later, or add smaller software tweaks just in the places where it will make people’s jobs a lot easier. And for any functions you don’t need, don’t buy them.

Start by assessing which is most critical to you:

1. Handle a high volume without workflow blockages 


2. Maintain a high level of quality control to ensure accuracy

Then, prioritize your technology budget on the appropriate software and expertise to help you optimize your workflow. 

We’d look forward to walking your warehouses with you to understand your business. We’ll bring you ideas and recommendations based on our experience with hundreds of other distributors. 

Contact Us with what’s on your mind or give us a call at (410) 561-0778.