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Get a better software system in place—
one that will adapt and grow with you for decades

  • Focus on best practices with modifiable software to support stability, management success, and customer experience.
  • Implement software that guides your workflow and exactly matches the way you want to work.
  • Move to a single, integrated system for all your key functions to get high performance and responsiveness.

1. Your personalized plan

With our range of consulting services, assessments, and our Technology Impact Assessment, you’ll understand exactly where to prioritize to gain the best benefits and ROI.

2. Your flexible tools

You’ll be 100% free to operate the way you want to, with the most adaptable accounting, fund accounting, ERP and financial management software available.

3. Your trusted partner

We’ll help you with ideas, support, and system improvements as you keep innovating and responding to market changes over the years.

Years we've designed and supported AccountMate systems, since 1989

Functionalities we've tailored to custom-fit specific business needs

Add-on applications we've brought to market

We have the experience and reputation you can rely on long-term. AIS has been recognized by AccountMate as National and Regional Most Valued Partner. We know and work with many, many AccountMate business partners, programmers, vertical solution providers, and longtime AccountMate employees.

We’re a boutique company not a giant corporation. We actually care. We do what we promise. We use software to solve business problems and improve your ROI. What makes us different is the flexibility to customize the software to do anything; the quality of our work and our client relationships; and the integrity of every aspect of the way we work with you.

When your software or your service provider is no longer giving you what you need, put a better experience in place:

1. You have an outdated process…

Now someone new is in charge

Does the younger generation of your family business now have the helm? Do you have a new CEO, or maybe you’re the new CEO? New leadership brings new energy and a readiness to modernize, innovate and streamline. We’ll help make your software support your vision.

2. You have a smooth process…

But something new is happening

You expanded your market and order processing is backlogged. Or you’re bringing payroll in-house. Or you’re adding ecommerce to stay competitive. Sometimes it’s a simple process adjustment. Other times your software has to change; we’ll adapt it to fit to your new requirement

3. You have a simple  process…

Yet your software can’t scale up

Maybe your accounting system is now too cumbersome because you have more transactions. Or you need to comply with new regulations but the software can’t do it. We’ll move you to a terrific mid-tier system that’s affordable and will serve you for many years to come.

4. You have a complex process…

You want it to run really well

You know your business well and have done some process optimization. Now you want a plan for getting to the next new levels of efficiency. We’ll examine your process and help you map out priorities with suggestions, ideas, best practices and options. And we’ll help you get started too.

5. You have a defined process…

Now you want to automate it

You can have a continuously flowing process that really makes things hum. We’ll integrate specialty software with your accounting, eliminate manual steps, remove workarounds, get your data flowing, and help your team brush up on any needed software skills.

“The point of accounting is to be mindful of all parts of your operations and appropriately care for them.”

Source Code software is built from the ground up to allow anything to be changed

AIS offers modifiable accounting and ERP software, which makes its source code available to users. That means there’s no limit to what can be changed to fit your desired workflow. It’s a lower-priced system, too. We’ve seen and helped many organizations achieve huge benefits from customized software.

Why is “Fit” so important for your financial and ERP software?

Software that doesn’t exactly fit the way you want to run your business is a big problem. In the areas it cannot bend to do what you need, your people waste time in workarounds, exception management, corrections, duplicate data entry, and training, because the software lacks what you need or conflicts with your required business processes.

Being able to change the software to meet your needs is key

  • Most business software limits customization and integration. A system may work for you now but then you find out a year down the line you can’t make a needed change. You don’t discover the limitations until it’s too late.
  • Other business software companies offer source code, but the cost is too high for small businesses and the implementation time is too long. We use proprietary tools that streamline development.

There is a flexible middle way—proven business software modules that allow customization and development so management can alter workflow with a high ROI. AIS uses AccountMate as the framework because it’s the best mid-tier accounting software and it’s designed from the ground up to be modified in any way. It offers superior functionality right “out of the box” as well. We improve your self reliance and lower risk by turning your “tribal knowledge” into an integrated, automated system.

You can have a complete workflow that fits the way you want to do things

AIS works with top technology companies like these to integrate your workflow in AccountMate, in a way that supports custom requirements and modifications for all functions. Whether you need small tweaks or complex modifications, the highest quality solutions will be tailored to support your unique processes.

Are you already aware of inefficiencies that need to be addressed in your business?

  • Is your company inputting the same data two or more times along the way?
  • Does it take you 45 minutes to input a PO or a sales order?
  • Do you have complex product lines and customer requirements that have been tough to automate?

Our new clients often already knew what they wanted… but they hadn’t found it yet

  • They’d seen countless software demos and webinars.
  • They’d tried standard software that hadn’t let them run their business the way they wanted to.
  • They’d worked with vendors who didn’t do what they said they would.

That’s maddening!

At AIS, we combine our consultative approach and expertise with flexible software. We work collectively as a team with our clients and come up with a “Digital Blueprint” that is built to ensure the software performs exactly the way our clients intended.  The Software is source code ready and will allow your team to request modifications as your needs peridically change. Read about our approach and our belief in integrity.

Analysis & Information Services treats all of our clients like family and maintains long-term win-win business partnerships with them for decades.

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