AIS eCommerce for AccountMate

Connect your AccountMate system to your online store to improve customer service and sales

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When your online store is synced with your AccountMate system, you can process sales orders faster and more accurately—while optimizing your store to grow sales:

  • Online orders are turned into AccountMate sales orders automatically
  • Product catalog details and pricing in your online store update from AccountMate automatically
  • It’s easy to run tests on pricing and other product details to optimize eCommerce sales

Let your sales order data automatically flow to where it needs to be

Connect your AccountMate system to your online stores:

1. Put more of your products online

If you have a large number of AccountMate SKUs that you want to be purchasable online, just flag them as eCommerce in AccountMate and they’ll automatically be added to your eCommerce stores.

2. Change from a printed or PDF product catalog to an online store

When your products are available to purchase online, all the pricing and other product details can be updated anytime. You have the flexibility to make changes right away, whenever they’re needed—so that your customers always see current information.

3. Get ready for business growth

If you process a handful of online sales orders per day manually, and it’s manageable, but you’re ramping up and want to be ready to handle more volume—integrating your store with AccountMate will allow unlimited sales orders to create themselves automatically.

4. Stop sales order mistakes

If you have inaccuracies with your eCommerce sales orders that result in delays and rework costs, consider the return on investment of integrating your store with AccountMate. You’ll no longer key in online orders manually; you’ll no longer be surprised by out-of-date product info in your online store; and sales orders will be created without delays or typos, automatically.

5. Cap your order entry costs

With manual sales order entry, as sales go up you must hire and train new staff to keep up with the increase. Instead of adding to that labor cost, switch to automatic sales order creation by integrating your online stores with AccountMate.

6. Get orders to your customers faster

Do you print online orders or run a report, then type them into AccountMate as sales orders? Do sales order backlogs occur in your busy season or during sales promotions? You can skip that entire step and go directly to processing the orders, when AIS eCommerce is constantly scanning for new orders online and making sales orders from them in AccountMate for you.

Every order placed in your online store is turned into a sales order for you in AccountMate

How does it work?

AIS eCommerce automatically sends updated product information from AccountMate to your online stores so they always display current product information:

  • When it detects a new order, it automatically imports it into AccountMate as a Sales Order.
  • If it detects that this is a guest customer, it will assign a new customer number to it.
  • When an order is imported, it will have the correct AccountMate SKU for each line item, and the price that was shown to the customer in your online store.
  • In the comments section of each line item, it will show the customer-facing SKU. It will allow for the fact that multiple customer-facing SKU’s can map into the same AccountMate SKU.
  • When an order is shipped from AccountMate, your online store will be triggered to send a shipment confirmation to the customer and do a final charge of their credit card if appropriate.

Keep your online store and AccountMate in sync at all times

AIS eCommerce will automatically send updated product information from AccountMate to any shopping platform, to keep your stores current:

  • Product prices
  • Promotional prices and end dates
  • Quantity discounts
  • Product names
  • Item numbers or SKUs
  • Product photos
  • Product descriptions
  • Downloadable product specification files
  • SEO marketing data to help search engines like Google and Bing display your products in search results
  • Any other product attributes you want to display, from simple to complex

Product brochure: AIS eCommerce for AccountMate

Learn more about high-volume, high-quality eCommerce solutions.

View or download the PDF—AIS eCommerce for AccountMate.

Simplify your order processing workflow

AIS eCommerce works with Shopify, Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento),  WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon Stores, eBay, and most other major shopping platforms.

Run tests in your online store to find new ways to increase sales

It’s common for companies to want to run experiments with pricing, product photos, and other product details, to see what leads to more online purchases. AIS eCommerce makes it easy to do split-run tests and see which option performs best.

Test different promotional offers

For example, through testing you might learn that you can sell more of one category of product by running promotional offers on weekends. Then AIS eCommerce can lower prices 5% each Friday at 6pm and bring the prices back up Sunday at midnight.

Test different product photos

For example, you might discover that people who are shown a photo of your product in use will order more than people who are shown a photo of just the product. Or, a technical product might sell better if closeup photos are included to show every detail.

Test what information is needed by buyers

Does including a link to a product demo video, or a PDF brochure with technical specifications, increase sales? Does listing product certifications increase sales—because the buyer doesn’t have to contact you to ask? Test whatever you want!

With tests, you can discover exactly what product information and presentation sells best, and adjust your store to maximize sales.

Whatever your sales and marketing teams want to do, the system is flexible and will help you turn your store into a high-powered marketing engine.

AIS eCommerce excels at interacting with massive product-related databases in AccountMate. It gives you more options than Shopify does to manage those products with nuance to optimize your online stores.

Your online store will be 100% customizable with AIS eCommerce

When you have ideas to better serve online shoppers and maximize your online sales, we can help you turn those ideas into reality in your store.

  • Do you want to set up multiple online stores with different brands and different pricing to test competitive markets? No sweat.


  • Do you want the online pricing for some products to automatically adjust based on current inventory levels? Sure.


  • Do you have complex business rules or customizable product options that you want reflected in your store? Absolutely.

AIS eCommerce uses the latest internet programming technologies, based on PHP and extensions. This means that even complex modifications are easy.

Our consultative approach

It’s all about aligning your software to the way you want to work. We listen carefully and ask lots of questions, then bring you choices and recommendations to consider.

At AIS, we care about the quality of your customers’ experience as much as we care about the quality of your experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us and begin a conversation about your vision for your online business presence.

Solid tools, deployed well, make it possible to shift from feeling overwhelmed to feeling at ease and in control.