AIS Best JobBoard Software Brochure

Stay on top of all your jobs—from one web-based project dashboard

For companies that sell complex custom jobs that take weeks or months to design and build. View, manage and update projects from your browser or phone.

  • Professional Services Companies
  • Custom Builders
  • Made-to-Order Manufacturers
  • Designers and Installers

See the big picture for any job, or click to drill down to a job’s details, like schedules, sales quotes, documents, purchase orders, labor allocations, field inspections, and more.

Better than scheduling apps and standalone project management tools

All aspects of your jobs can share information and work together, because AIS JobBoard is integrated with AccountMate’s financial and ERP functionality.

Let JobBoard organize everything by job for you in a single dashboard

1. Your team stays in the loop

For example, when an installer uses JobBoard on their phone to report damaged received goods at a job site, your purchasing team is alerted by JobBoard right away so replacements can be arranged.

2. Update customers quickly

For example, when your plant manager uses JobBoard to mark the status of finished goods as complete, your customer service team can instantly see the task color-coded green, marked “complete” in the schedule in JobBoard.

3. Everything is at your fingertips

For example, if a question arises about agreed specifications for a job, your salesperson can quickly pull up a PDF of the signed contract and the sales order from JobBoard’s dashboard to get clarification.

4. You can view activities from any angle

For example, before a meeting with a customer, your CEO can see all of that customer’s jobs sorted by activity in JobBoard. Or your warehouse manager can gauge next week’s workload by viewing all job activity for the shipping and receiving department.

5. Keep your jobs, inventory, and finances in sync

For example, when line items are reallocated in response to a delivery delay, JobBoard sends email alerts to affected team members, such as the accounts payable manager.

6. Easily allocate item quantities

For example, in response to a changeorder request from a customer, a project manager can adjust the shipping quantities for a line item in JobBoard after viewing related purchase orders or work orders for the job—then drag and drop the activity in the JobBoard calendar to reschedule the work for those items.

In JobBoard’s Activity View, simply click to sort by any category. 

Organize, access and display everything by job

  • Sales quotes and orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Resource requirements
  • Material allocations
  • Labor allocations
  • Documents
  • Task management
  • Scheduling
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Delivery
  • Field installation
  • Inspection
  • Your custom information

Suddenly, everyone on your team can access or update current job information. Whatever they need, anytime and from anywhere.

AIS Best JobBoard Software Brochure

Learn more about simplifying the flow of your jobs from beginning to end and see example JobBoard screens.

View or download the PDF—AIS Best JobBoard Software for AccountMate.

The dashboard that organizes everything by job

AIS Best JobBoard Software makes it easier to manage and track everything big and small for your jobs, your way.

AIS JobBoard will be customized to adapt to the way you want to see things

Because JobBoard is built on AccountMate’s super-flexible source code foundation, any aspect of the software can be modified to fit the way you do business.

Tweak small details

Such as the number of color-coded status tiers; the naming of categories and fields; the team members who should automatically receive various alerts; and more.

Add new functions

Such as inserting your specific quality control steps into job activities and schedules; adding reports to the dashboard to track how job status is affecting cash flow; adding a dashboard activity view to highlight the latest status of pending shipments from all vendors; and more.

Keep changing over time

As your business grows and changes, JobBoard and AccountMate can be incrementally changed to grow with you. The system is designed to remain flexible and respond to your evolving requirements.

Custom JobBoard Software can align with your vision, to make you more productive and allow you to manage your jobs exactly the way you want to manage them. We can share ideas from other companies and recommend industry best practices, too

Make people's jobs easier, and watch your customer satisfaction and profits improve.

AIS is the creator of Custom job management software for AccountMate; we work with your AccountMate Business Partner. Contact your AccountMate BP to request a demo of JobBoard to see how Accountmate jobboard management can improve your company’s most critical or unique processes. If you don’t have an AccountMate BP, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

That feeling of calm, when you can stop worrying about things falling through the cracks