Expert and cost-effective programming services

A custom fit is critical for getting higher returns on technology

Having a program designed for your company is like having a mold of your organization; instead of you working for the software, the software is working for you.

Custom programming offers an ROI higher than adding more sales people, by utilizing eCommerce, EDI, and ERP functionality. The value of customization can stick with your company for years and is flexible enough to be altered as you grow. 

We can help you transfer your accumulated business knowledge and rules from legacy accounting, ERP, and business software systems and isolated data “silos,” into automated workflows running on solid technology platforms, supporting you in the way you want your business to work. No need to duplicate efforts.

The ability to have software programmed to fit your needs gives a business owner or manager the power and freedom to build an infrastructure which will support massive growth and capacity—without sacrificing quality or compliance.

The same power that used to be only available to the largest corporations is now the highest return investment any small-medium sized business can make.

We understand your complex workflow and have helped transform many other businesses for a low cost and an extremely high return while not disturbing workflow. 

  • Data migration and program development
  • CRM, ERP, and MRP customization and development
  • EDI and eCommerce integration through multiple platforms including Shopify, Amazon and integration with other business systems
  • Active web and mobile programming
  • Legacy system development
  • C+, .NET, Java, Microsoft SQL, XML, HTML, PHP, VFP, and Xbase

Let’s create a program that works for you—instead of a system that causes bottlenecks in your workflow.

AIS follows the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) process when it comes to implementing customer requests.

Over time, our customers request specific modifications or programs that will work better for them and their workflow. When a request is given, our analysts will intelligently spec out the request and transfer the knowledge to our programming team. Programming will work on this request on a development server that that the customer can test and review. Once completely tested, the new capabilities are transported to the full production server for use.

What is UAT?
UAT is a form of testing that is conducted by the user to verify that all of their requests have been completed and perform as expected. This testing is done on a development system and then once validated, it is transferred to a true production environment.

Using UAT for better business practices
The communication between customer to analysts and then analysts to developer can get tricky when a complex software is involved. It is best for the end user to complete test the results for clarity and completion to the original request. This process greatly speeds development and reduces costs for the customer, because the explicit communication steps head off miscommunications that would otherwise lead to rework and frequent mid-project scope changes.

We help good teams work optimally

Immense Experience

Decades of work in facilitating business processes means we can quickly understand your business and your unique requirements.

Solid skills

Our background in programming, automation and technology gives us the ability to translate your business strategy into ideal workflows.

Strong Commitment

In our view, software is more than functionality like accounting or warehouse management. It also includes using technology to improve quality, service, processes, and accountability.

True Partnership

We’ll listen to you first before we design anything.  We bring a pragmatic capacity to look deeper and tailor our answers to fit your business.

What would you really like your business software to do for you?