Our Documentation and Training Services

Solid software training and proper workflow documentation ensure success for current and future employees

Successful documentation can increase by 300% when adequate training is given to employees.

Thorough training for employees should be considered a high priority to ensure:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Less errors
  • High productivity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase profits
  • Versatile skills
  • High employee moral
  • Low employee turnover rate

Professional training and documentation elevate your quality, customer service, consistency and efficiency.

Custom designed, one-on-one training from AIS gives clear education to ensure your team gets the highest value from the software.

Without interrupting workflow, we configure a training plan that covers the subject and is configured around your schedule. We will also provide electronic documents and videos in your customized training development. 


  • AccountMate modules
  • Configuration
  • General ledger and accounting setup
  • SQL Server, Crystal Reports, other programming and IT options
  • Custom workflow documentation and production of training videos 
  • Accounting understanding
  • Full workflow optimization

We help good teams work optimally

Immense Experience

Decades of work in facilitating business processes means we can quickly understand your business and your unique requirements.

Solid skills

Our background in programming, automation and technology gives us the ability to translate your business strategy into ideal workflows.

Strong Commitment

In our view, accounting is more than finances. It includes using technology to track accountability in quality, service and processes too.

True Partnership

We’ll listen to you first before we design anything.  We bring a pragmatic capacity to look deeper and tailor our answers to fit your business.

What documentation and training obstacles hold your organization back?