Professional Services Companies

Do you need a simpler, more automated way to track and organize your time billing?

We’ll put a system in place to make your people’s jobs easier—while increasing accuracy and consistency

Jobs and billing cycles get more complex as you adapt to support each new client’s unique needs

If your jobs and billing cycles are getting more complex, take a look at a financial management system to help you stay on top of the hours you’re billing.

  • Automate your billing—Get invoicing that’s tailored to your off-site or in-house services (consulting, installation, inspection, repair, training, accounting, engineering, etc.)
  • Keep your projects current—Access project status, key dates, earned revenue, billed-to-date amounts and more. Easily answer questions about work you’ve done and billing.
  • Manage labor costs—Track sub-contractor and employee time with the option to post actual costs to client projects.
  • Document anything for your projects—Time stamps, screen shots, warranty info, serial numbers, photos, work notes, follow-up actions, etc.
  • Simplify job costing and estimates—Clone previous project estimates, issue change orders, compare actual costs to estimates, and define your own cost codes
  • Invoice for parts—If you resell items and manage an inventory, use a single system that integrates this with your time billing

You can easily say yes when your client needs something done in a different way

A flexible accounting system will give you a consistent operations protocol and ensure that nothing is falling through the cracks.

We’d welcome a conversation about ideas to maximize your profitability without stressing you out. What aspect of your services workflow are you hoping to enhance?

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