Enhancing Retail Operations with AccountMate’s Integrated Point of Sale Module

In the fast-paced world of retail, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. For businesses seeking to optimize their operations and improve customer experiences, Analysis & Information Services Point of Sale (POS) Module integrates with AccountMate’s Sales Order module and offers a robust solution. Let’s explore how this module simplifies processes and adds value to retail operations.


Seamless Integration for Streamlined Operations

AccountMate’s POS Module seamlessly integrates with the Sales Order Module, providing retailers with a unified platform for managing sales transactions. By consolidating operations, businesses can process orders more efficiently, reducing wait times and enhancing overall productivity.


Simplified Setup Process

Setting up AccountMate’s Integrated POS Module is straightforward. Users can configure user rights, create generic cash customers, and establish identifiers for cash drawers with ease. This simplified setup process ensures that retailers can quickly implement the system without the need for extensive technical knowledge.


Improving Customer Interactions

A crucial aspect of retail success is delivering exceptional customer experiences. AccountMate’s POS Module empowers retailers to achieve this by offering features designed to enhance interactions with customers. From seamless payment processing to detailed invoice management, every aspect of the customer journey is optimized for satisfaction.


Comprehensive Functionality for Retail Needs

AccountMate’s Integrated POS Module offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities tailored to meet the diverse needs of retail businesses. Whether creating and amending invoices or generating insightful reports, retailers have access to tools that streamline processes and minimize errors. Features like barcode scanning and item lookup further enhance operational efficiency.


Access to Valuable Insights

In today’s data-driven landscape, access to insights is crucial for making informed decisions. AccountMate’s POS Module provides retailers with valuable reporting capabilities, offering insights into sales performance and staff productivity. With access to detailed reports, businesses can identify trends and opportunities for growth.


AccountMate’s Integrated Point of Sale Module is a valuable asset for retailers looking to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences. Through seamless integration, simplified setup, and comprehensive functionality, AccountMate empowers retailers to navigate the complexities of the retail landscape with confidence. Embrace the future of retail operations with AccountMate’s POS Module today.

Mastering AccountMate’s Point of Sale Module: A Quick Guide


Getting Started


Configure Group/User Rights: Access the AccountMate Administrator Program to set user rights for various POS screen forms.

Create Generic Cash Customer: Simplify transactions by creating a generic cash customer in AccountMate, eliminating the need to generate new customers for every transaction.

Create Cash (Drawer) #: Establish unique identifiers for cash drawers/POS workstations and configure default settings such as warehouse, pay code, and cash customer.

Link Cash Pay Code: Ensure seamless integration by linking cash pay codes with newly created cash numbers.

Configure Salespeople:

Properly configure salespeople in Salesperson Maintenance, assigning POS passwords and granting access to cash drawers as needed.


Creating Invoices Through POS Cash Register


Login: Access the POS Cash Register and enter relevant information such as cash number, salesperson, and password.

Create/Amend Invoice: Initiate new transactions or amend existing ones, utilizing default cash customers, and enabling partial payments when necessary.

POS Toolbar: Leverage various functionalities including sales reports, adding items, barcode scanning, and more.

Invoice Detail: Dive deeper into invoice specifics by accessing sub-form displays of billing and shipping addresses.

Pay Codes: Select appropriate pay codes based on predefined settings and tendered amounts, facilitating seamless payment processing.


Creating Sales Returns Through Point of Sales Return


Add Line Item: After selecting the customer, add line items for returns, with negative quantities indicating returned units.

Closing the Sales Return: Finalize the return process by saving the transaction, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


POS Reports

Salesperson Maintenance: Customize salesperson profiles with POS-specific settings such as passwords and cash drawer access.

Pay Code Maintenance: Configure pay codes, ensuring alignment with POS requirements for smooth transactions.

Cash Maintenance: Manage cash drawer settings and receipt printing configurations, optimizing POS functionality.

POS Deposit/Withdraw: Facilitate cash management directly from the POS Cash Register, enabling easy tracking of deposits and withdrawals.

POS Reports: Generate insightful reports including sales reports, staff total sales reports, and POS detail reports, providing valuable insights for business decisions.


AccountMate Point of Sale Cash Register/Sales Return Hot Key Index

Sales Report Shift + F9

Login F5

Add Item F6 or Alt + “A”

Open Drawer Shift + F12

Delete Line Item F8

Item Detail Ctrl + F11

Substitute Item Shift + F11

Change Salesperson F12

Save Alt + “S”

Void Alt + “V”

Clear Alt + “E”

Close Alt + “C”

Tendered Amt F11

Invoice Detail Alt + “D”

Deposit/Withdraw Ctrl + F12


From setup to execution, streamline your retail operations and enhance customer satisfaction with AccountMate’s powerful POS solution.