Super-flexible Accounting Software Solutions and ERP/MRP/MES —for innovative companies with unique or evolving needs


The value of a good tool gives you a stronger business system with the  agility to succeed

Cost effective

Spend your budget on improvements not unneeded SAAS fees


Designed for modification, Your  complex or unique needs that other software can’t handle are no problem

This is the best tool out there because it can be modified to do just what you need and you can buy it outright and don’t need to pay forever. At AIS, we are AccountMate experts who have been installing, customizing, and supporting it for over 35 years. We have been awarded “Most Valuable Business Partner”  Nationally and Regionally, and are honored to serve the manufacturers, distributers, and other companies we help to thrive. Let us help you automate Sales, Production, Inventory, and Accounting.

It’s easy to run things exactly the way you want with AccountMate

AccountMate is used in over 200 industries for accounting, finance, ERP and workflow management

  • Accounting with deep audit capacity
  • Job and Project costing
  • Document Management
  • Sales Configuration and estimating
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Automated Workflow and alerting
  • Be self-reliant with less risk and more options

AccountMate Software is modifiable, giving you a brilliant ability to dream and innovate anything

At the same time it’s a pragmatic, cost-effective, rock-solid accounting system.

AccountMate Software will serve you well for decades without you having to re-buy a system or throw out your knowledge and experience to move to a new system.  You get self-reliance and control, and complete flexibility over when you upgrade.

Choose from a wide variety of modules and add-ons. Buy only what you need, only when you need it.

Examples of AccountMate add-ons to fit your processes

Job costing

Get full job costing analysis from “estimate” to “actual,” looking at labor, materials, subcontracting and billing to help you stay profitable in each job.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Track all data and activities for your customers, funders, vendors and others, in a central place that AR, shipping and other functions can automatically pull from.

Fixed asset management & depreciation

Simplify your fixed asset management and audits, stay current with ongoing tax law changes, and clean up your inconsistent depreciation calculations.

Automatic document delivery

Automatic document delivery
Make document delivery paperless and fast – get your orders, statements, invoices, POs and more from your accounting system to all the right people

Shop floor automation & scheduling

Integrate your manufacturing workflow with planning, scheduling, BOMs, costing, ordering, routing, machining, inventory and accounting.

Business intelligence

Pull existing data and financials from your system into easy real-time reports and automated alerts, so you can make better decisions and head off problems.

Mobile sales

Let your sales team manage the entire sales process from their mobile devices while they’re with customers, without waiting to get back to their desks.

Packing & shipping automation

Stay on top of your shipping details, automates manual steps, increases accuracy, and lets you and your recipients track every shipment’s details.


Service dispatch & route management

Give your drivers optimized routes and schedules on their mobile devices – along with order processing, contact info, inventory lookup, and more.

Point of sale

Run your specialty retail register with simple transaction screens, strong cash management, inventory management, customer communications and more to maximize efficiency.


Have orders from your website, Amazon and other online stores automatically create sales orders and integrate with your accounting in real time 24/7.

Payroll reporting

Automate your electronic filing and payroll reporting for employee federal and state W-2s and 1099s.

Ditch the workarounds, the bottlenecks and the hassles

Success isn’t just the software. Success is streamlined technology that flexibly fits the daily flow of your products, your sales orders, and your finances. We tailor AccountMate software to support your people, new ideas, marketplace changes, and company growth so you can all work with ease.

Roll out your new ideas quickly

Respond to your customers brilliantly

Stay ahead of your competition

Manage your finances confidently

Make your teams’ jobs easier

Analysis & Information Services treats all of our clients like family and maintains long-term win-win business partnerships with them for decades.

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Before planning your system and implementation, AIS walks your facilities with you to understand your workflow. And we talk to your people to understand what works, what doesn’t, and what’s needed—all with an eye to using technology to make the workflow as easy as possible from end to end.

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