JobCost Accounting Software

Easily track all your production and profits with job costing software that’s integrated with AccountMate

Would you like to improve your profitability and customer satisfaction for each job?


  • Job cost accounting software adds speed and accuracy to your jobs when you need to:
    • Track specific job information
    • Estimate job costs before starting
    • Analyze and amend job hours, estimated costs, and actual costs
    • Create change orders
    • Bill jobs by cost, estimate or percentage of completion
    • Include authorized signature documents with jobs
    • Check and update job progress
    • Create custom cost codes

JobCost makes it easier to continuously improve your business results

1. Know exactly how much money you’re making

Break things down to the General Ledger level on a project basis, so you know what you’re doing per job and overall.

“I installed 50 last month, what’s my profit?” “Which jobs had the highest and lowest profit margins?”

2. Allocate and track materials by job with unlimited locations

Categorize materials as assets. From the PO, you can ID the jobs and delivery locations that the materials are going to.

Then have inventory that’s used on a job automatically roll up to the invoice in AP so you can collect money for all that was used. Look at Job’s information at any time during the project and see materials that are cost to it so you can manage as needed. Bill by line item, invoice, or retention for earned amounts

3. Capture time on the job and automatically sync with Payroll

Use the import time card option to bring in remote time entry from workers’ phones or computers via any time card entry software.

The labor hours automatically import into AccountMate’s Payroll module and post worker’s compensation costs, or they can be sent to an external payroll system or service. Invoice your customer’s actual, estimated, or set-aside hours.

4. Set up templates for estimates to save time and ensure quality

Begin each job by using a template that meets your standards for materials, labor, equipment, costs, margins, and more, for that job type.

This ensures that jobs are set up optimally from the beginning, with consistency across your organization and with faster training for new estimators to learn how you do things. Then customize that estimate to fit the job.

5. Choose your method for pricing and billing

Specify your retention percentages and calculate how much you’ve earned. Automatically update retention percentages and invoices when change orders are issued.

Or specify cost-based or estimate-based prices for time and materials with a markup. Assign different markups depending on the type of cost. Change the unit price and it changes the unit markup, or vice versa.

6. Monitor your earnings as a job progresses

See your original estimate and working estimates at a glance to compare actual costs to the estimates.

See how much you’ve earned to date and billed to date per job.

Be confident in your job costing

You’ll stay organized and up-to-date with your projects with this simple JobCost software. It delivers a systemized process that keeps logistics in order, keeps employees doing their jobs efficiently, and keeps customers satisfied with job updates anytime they need them.

Job costing is done in different ways based on your type of business.

  • Builders and contract construction companies use JobCost with their AccountMate system.
  • Manufacturers use JobCost with AccountMate’s Manufacturing module to also integrate job costing data from the production process. 

Eliminate end-of-job surprises when you can stay on top of the numbers as you go. Respond to changes fast and identify ways to improve your estimates.

JobCost seamlessly connects your job costing and financials

The Best Job costing software allows data to flow to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Financial Statements. That means information populates automatically, with no need to re-enter data or wait for the system to be updated manually.

Through this unique workflow process, the best Job costing software sends information needed to other AccountMate modules and vice versa, keeping everyone on your team up to date at all times.

And like AccountMate, JobCost is fully modifiable. If a special requirement is needed to fit your business—whether it’s a few small tweaks or a complex modification—AIS can modify JobCost to become your perfect-fit solution.

You can be highly functional when your technology makes all your critical business data visible in real time