AccountMate and Application Support Services 

Talk to AccountMate experts who specialize in accounting, programming, and your workflow

We are experts at configuring, supporting, and modifying AccountMate.  We’re here when you need the assistance of experts.

We understand different people need different amounts of support, so we are flexible. For some that is daily, for many it is weekly or monthly. When we support you, you’ll get the help you need whether that is for non technical users, or for experienced IT staff. And we are happy to teach you to be self-reliant while providing support throughout your growth. We extend intelligence and humanity beyond technical support to include business, accounting, and program support.  So whether it is accounting, ERP, MRP, MES, or field service, we are there for you. Whether you have the current version or are on an older version, we are there for you. 

AIS works to ensure that you profit from AccountMate and get the most value from your system. 

The best way to optimize your software is to engage your users. The best way to engage your users is to understand people and configure the software support services to work the way they need to do things. That’s what we do for you.

AIS Support Services

  • AccountMate installation and upgrades
  • AccountMate training and support 
  • AccountMate modifications, from small tweaks to comprehensive customizations 
  • MS SQL Server installation, configuration, and maintenance
  • Workstation configuration and software support
  • Installation and support for ALERE Manufacturing
  • Installation and support for SwiftCount warehouse management, and many other industry-specific AccountMate add-on solutions

    We help good teams work optimally

    Immense experience

    Decades of work with AccountMate in facilitating business processes means we can quickly understand your business problem and your unique requirements.

    Solid skills

    Our background in programming, automation and technology gives us the ability to translate your business strategy into ideal workflows. 

    Strong commitment

    In our view, accounting is more than finances. It includes using technology to track accountability in quality, service and processes too.

    True partnership

    We have supported successful companies for over 35 years. We bring a pragmatic capacity to look deeper and solve any problem business as if it were our own.

    It’s an amazing feeling when your software finally works the way you want