SwiftCount for AccountMate

Better, easier inventory and warehouse management

For growing companies with $1M to $100M in inventory to keep track of—go from minutes to seconds when processing items for orders

  • Wholesale distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Professional services and field services project management

Improve your speed and accuracy in warehouses that are organized by item, by sales order, by palette or by job number—whether high volume items, custom-built components, raw materials or finished goods.

Know exactly what items you have—and where they are in your warehouse right now

1. Get information faster

New items appear in AccountMate immediately when they’re scanned with a phone or tablet at your receiving dock. See items in one warehouse or across multiple warehouse locations.

2. Improve your accuracy

You’ll have highly accurate physical inventory counts with far less effort than before.

3. Lower your labor costs

Stop keying counts into AccountMate. SwiftCount feeds inventory data to AccountMate instantly. Eliminate paper-based tracking, manual logs, and spreadsheets of inventory items.

See immediate, real-time data in your system


It takes a day to update received items in the system:

  • Write a bill of lading
  • Give it to the main office
  • Wait for it to be keyed into the system the next day
  • Mark the order received in the system
  • View updated quantities


Items get received instantly with SwiftCount:

  • Scan the items with your phone. AccountMate instantly shows the order as received, and displays updated item quantities.

Everyone on your team view accurate on-hand counts and see whether an item is received, picked and shipped

Sales | Customer Service | Accounting | Warehouses | Shipping & Receiving | Manufacturing | Management | Remote Workers

Know within minutes that an item was delivered, and where, in the same way you can when you order something via Amazon or FedEx.

So many great capabilities! For example, track job numbers for complex orders, such as multiple boxes shrink-wrapped together, case-to-carton breakdowns, and other sales order details. 

Prevent and respond to problems now, proactively—don’t wait until tomorrow to discover an issue

  • Oops, that’s the wrong item
  • Uh oh, the delivered quantity isn’t what was ordered
  • Oh wait, that’s the wrong bin for those items are in the wrong bin for those items

SwiftCount lets you avoid losing the order, which helps you keep costs lower and retain your customers.

Do you come across mystery boxes in your warehouse and ask, "What's inside these and how much money is tied up in them?" SwiftCount puts an end to those surprises.

SwiftCount product brochure

Learn more about how SwiftCount and the Best warehouse management software can add new efficiencies to your warehouse operations.

View or download the PDF—SwiftCount for AccountMate.

Superpowers for your inventory-based business!

SwiftCount gives you the tools you need to optimize your inventory-based business AND your time.

Watch a short overview of Swiftcount for AccountMate

SwiftCount collapses and automates workflows in your warehouse to eliminate manual steps that cost money and slow things down

Receiving and putting away

  • Instantly verify that if your PO says 125 units, you’re receiving 125 units.
  • Use a phone, tablet or barcode reader to scan your package as it comes off the truck. See your purchase order automatically marked as received.
  • Print labels on the spot to attach to your new stock for putaway.
  • Find your product’s destination in seconds.

Picking and shipping

  • Follow the picklist on your hand-held device to scan barcoded items as you pick—ensuring that no wrong items are picked and no items are missed.
  • Pick multiple orders at once to save time.
  • Re-scan the items as they’re packed to verify that all the correct items are shipped for your customer’s order.


  • Easily audit and validate that what your system says matches what’s in your warehouse.
  • Do your physical inventory counts as needed, from full counts to recurring cycle counts for sub-groups of critical items, to detailed counts to guard against shrinkage of specific items.
  • Capture serial and lot numbers when counting.
  • Add products to your count on the fly.

Run a busy warehouse on mobile devices with barcode scanners, without hiring data entry clerks—your inventory movement and current locations are shown in the system automatically after each scan.

"Did that item that got picked, get shipped?" Without SwiftCount, it’s often hard to know what’s happened.

SwiftCount is an easy, cost-effective add-on for your AccountMate system

1. It integrates with AccountMate

SwiftCount works hand-in-hand with AccountMate’s financial and ERP capabilities, sales orders, picking lists, status alerts, and more—including demand forecasting and lead times to avoid stockouts and over-ordering.

2. It works on mobile devices

No need to purchase new AccountMate licenses or computers for your warehouse to run SwiftCount. Our Best warehouse management software runs on Android and connects with Bluetooth; use your phones, tablets and laptops.

3. It’s quick to learn

Any warehouse worker can use SwiftCount confidently!

Learn more at SwiftCount’s website.

AIS is the US distributor for SwiftCount for AccountMate; we work with your AccountMate Business Partner. Contact your AccountMate BP to request a demo of SwiftCount to see how it can improve your company’s most critical or unique processes. If you don’t have an AccountMate BP, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

It’s amazing when you can trust the system to show you the true status of your business assets