Begin with high impact areas

If you have a list of potential technology-related improvements, start with the one or two ideas that most directly map to your high-impact areas. i.e. Focus on your company’s primary bread and butter first.

For example, if you have 25 salespeople working with direct customers and channel partners and four people in your warehouse, then an idea to further automate your order entry or product pricing could bring the biggest ROI.  

In contrast, if you have just a few salespeople because most orders come in via EDI or the web and you have 40 people in your warehouse, then an idea to increase the efficiency of your just-in-time purchasing or serial number tracking could deliver the most value.

Don’t overlook ideas of value

Conduct an objective assessment to quantify and rank the opportunities where technology can improve critical functions in your business.

Bring us in to conduct an assessment for you.