Are you interested in eliminating the expense of using an outside company to track your assets?

Or do you worry about an audit because you’re handling depreciation calculations inconsistently across your company in Excel spreadsheets?

3 of the handy things Bassets eDepreciation software can do:

  1. Tax law updates: Keep you current with quarterly software updates as federal and state tax law changes—including the several US states with complicated “add backs” calculations.
  2. Executive summaries: On a single screen, instantly see summaries (book, active, fully depreciated, sales, acquisitions, disposals, transfers) for any period. Double-click to see more detail.
  3. Simpler audits: Ensure that you have the accurate depreciation data and detailed reports needed for compliance with tax, GAAP and SOX rules.

Make it easier to put data in and get data out—like forecasting reports, month-end reports, what-if calculations—with an application that can be quickly set up with fields unique to your business.

Bassets is not just a quality product, it’s also quite easy to use. Ask us for a demo or for your own free demo software to try out.