Has your workflow lost that well-oiled-machine feeling?

Even smart, innovative managers who are always pushing to make their companies better can get stuck sometimes.

Generally, managers already know where their problem is. Maybe their customer billing has repeatedly gotten behind by a month. Or maybe they added a product line and now sales commissioning is a headache.

When a problem becomes intractable, it’s a natural human response to deny it or postpone dealing with it. It’s overwhelming when you’re already busy.

“This isn’t how I want to run the organization.”

An exasperating workflow problem can stop a company’s forward motion. Like when you have so much clutter in the garage that you can no longer keep it clean.

However, changing the situation isn’t the hardship. All the energy spent trying to not change it is the hardship.

Step 1: Re-frame the situation

The way through a blockage like this is to shift your mental awareness from feeling badly, to using that energy to see new possibility with confidence.

That’s what we help you do.

As consultants, we clear the mental space to allow you to see the critical things as they truly are, and to see what can be done about it.

Re-framing with fresh eyes removes the constraints of a negative outlook. It injects energy and insight so that your best actions and innovations start flowing once again.

A clear vision

Solving a functional problem that has a quantified ROI of $10K, $100K or $1M+ gets your team paddling full speed ahead again.

Is it time to focus on an accounting or workflow blockage that would offer you a high cost-benefit ratio if it were cleared? If it is, we’d welcome your call.