The back office is where many workflow logjams and inefficiencies become apparent

Cumbersome processes and workarounds from around your organization often become most visible in the back office, because accounting is where transactions from around the company must finally be reconciled.

Look for opportunities to remove workflow speed barriers and fix processes that are costing your company time and money. Here’s where to start—

Ask your controller or bookkeeper what their worst recurring headaches are

Headaches like these are excellent signs that the software can be set up to increase efficiency upstream and downstream, and greatly reduce frustration in all your departments!

  1. What types of orders always have to be fixed or handled as exceptions?
  2. What data fields often have wrong entries or missing data?
  3. Where are there a growing number of Excel spreadsheets that have become unmanageable
  4. What’s the worst box of paper receipts that arrives every period?
  5. Where is data routinely being re-keyed from one system into another system?
  6. Where are state and local taxes researched or calculated manually instead of automatically?
  7. What process to employees have to be nagged about repeatedly because they aren’t following it?

We’ll help you eliminate those headaches with process automation. So ask your accounting team what would make their jobs easier and benefit your whole company in the process.