Ensure that your accounting and ERP software keeps changing in lockstep with you as your business changes

A manufacturer and longtime AccountMate client with AIS started experiencing customer service issues as their sales volume grew, because details on open orders were falling through the cracks.

Order status was the big problem

Customers called, unhappy because nobody had reached out to them in weeks about the status of their orders. The field service team who received these calls didn’t know the status either.

Our client had a great system running their accounting and manufacturing, and recognized that their business had changed. It was time for a fresh assessment to find the best way to change their system to help them to better communicate to customers.

After we interviewed staff about order flow and issues, we proposed and implemented a change that would allow real-time order status and schedules from the manufacturing plant to be viewed not only by field service people, but by the sales team and customers too.

A browser-based dashboard makes order status visible to staff and customers

Now everyone can see order status and schedules via a web-based job board in the cloud that pulls real-time information from AccountMate. If a field service rep gets a call, they can pull up the job status on their iPad. They get fewer calls in the first place because customers can view their own jobs anytime.

Salespeople can click to drill down on the details of any order, without having to use or learn AccountMate. When appropriate, some users have the ability to schedule or reschedule jobs and deliveries with the click of a button.

Most importantly, customers always feel connected via their client portal! Customer relations and customer satisfaction have been positively impacted.

Flexible software is what allows automations to be easily modified when needed

This is just one example of how this manufacturer has been updating their technology to stay current with changes in their business over the years.

AccountMate is purposefully built to be the world’s most flexible accounting system. It provides the freedom to evolve and innovate, cost-effectively. That means it can change as you change and you don’t worry about running into constraints or outgrowing your system.

View or download the PDF case study that tells this manufacturer’s story, Solving Problems and Cutting Costs—Year In, Year Out, for 24 Years.