Is your team calm, or stressed?

When we work with managers at growing, successful companies, they often tell us that a reason for their success is that they treat their people well.

That’s exactly what our software systems do: treat people well. The technology is  implemented in a way to help people work exceptionally well.

A company that cultivates quality of life and well-being (well-being of workers, owners, customers, vendors, community, environment) is more sustainable. It’s in a stronger position to innovate. It functions with more ease, flexibility and happiness.

Flexible technology is instrumental to creating a healthy workflow where people can thrive because their interaction with it is highly functional. We want optimal outcomes and we have to have the conditions that create those outcomes.

3 examples of technology that helps people work with ease

1. Clarify processes and “the way we do things.” For example, build in easy setup of pricing rules such as multiple pricing tiers, minimum prices, special pricing on an item for a customer until a certain date, or variable pricing based on an item’s units of measure. As a result, your customers will get consistent information whether they’re talking to someone about an invoice, an RMA or a sales order, and your employees will be self-reliant and confident about what to do.

2. Increase accuracy and efficiency. For example, allow easy creation of pop-up lists that show the valid or suggested options at any point in the workflow, from transactions to inventory items to contact records. When an employee needs to decide upon an option, there’s no need to stop and chase down the person in the company who knows the answer. Simply choose from the list. Your system provides information at the time and place your employee needs it.

3. Facilitate a culture of innovation. For example, the production team at one of our clients had ideas to better manage their production workload and validate orders. We added custom tools to schedule and track jobs the way they wanted to, cross-check items during packing, and route their trucks based on the latest production schedule updates. As a result, they increased the company’s value to their customers and things worked a lot better for their team too.

People work better when they are calm and supported by good tools in a good environment

Business software is traditionally seen as only accounting and management tools, and thus many functional opportunities are missed such as process development and remote integration. Accounting and planning tools are critical, of course. But so is the ability to do this work with ease and directly in support of people’s needs.

We offer accounting and ERP software that provides the source code. Other software offers options for customization, but having access to the source code makes the software flexible almost without limits, because any aspect can be changed to fit your needs and respond to your ideas.

This means your system can be set up to exactly fit your processes. And just as importantly, as time passes and your marketplace changes, your team changes and your offerings change—it’s remarkably efficient and cost-effective to keep changing the system to align with new needs.

Imagine a system that has a primary goal of creating an environment of well-being for your team. Contact us to talk about how your software can help you treat your employees well.