Ask more from your accounting and ERP tools

We make system changes like these in just a few minutes or a few hours. Yet such small things make a big daily difference to people!

  • Tweak your AR manager’s display settings so that all the fields she regularly uses are on a single screen.
  • Display and print your warehouse worker’s pick lists in Spanish to increase his ease and confidence in picking orders accurately.
  • Add a report to give your purchasing manager exactly what she needs so she can stop manually copying data into Excel.

People want to do a good job. They want to make a difference. They want to gain new skills over time. They want to do less tedious work.

Small software tweaks that tailor the system to your work are incredibly empowering to people and provide a giant return for a small incremental adjustment.

Want to experience this in action? Choose an employee or two and we’ll talk to them. We excel at finding the most impactful and cost-effective small tweaks to fit a person’s daily processes. Make it a habit to add new ones routinely and your system will become immensely supportive of your team.

PS. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of training someone on an aspect of the software they aren’t aware of—in those cases no software tweaks are needed; just a thoughtful demonstration to help them learn something new.