Does it take longer than a minute for newly received items to be viewable in your inventory system?

Your costs go up when your team cannot view accurate, on-hand counts at all times.

Yet it’s common for companies to take a whole day to update their system, by the time a written bill of lading gets taken to the accounting department, gets keyed into the system in daily batches, and marked as received.

With instant updates for received items, you stop paying for recurring time wasters:

Sales and customer service people spend time interrupting warehouse staff to ask if an item has arrived, because they know it quite possibly could have arrived and just not be in the system yet.

Sales people spend time double-checking the real quantity on hand in the warehouse so they can give accurate information about availability to customers.

Accounting clerks spend time daily, manually keying in data to update the system from paper-based bills of lading.

The physical inventory team spends extra time reconciling inaccurate quantities due to accumulated manual errors from hand-written receiving records, misplaced bills of lading, and data entry errors.

Scan items with your phone to receive them instantly

When you add SwiftCount to AccountMate, your system instantly shows the order as received and displays updated item quantities.

SwiftCount for AccountMate ensures that everyone on your team is seeing immediate, real-time data in your system all the time. Delays are eliminated and efficiency is improved, and all your items are available to sell and ship the moment you receive them.

Get an overview of more warehouse efficiencies made possible with SwiftCount, like delivery status alerts similar to Amazon or FedEx, tracking job numbers for complex multi-part orders, and making it easy to always put items in the right bins.

View or download this SwiftCount PDF brochure to learn more about adding new efficiencies to your warehouse operations.

At AIS we’re experts in optimizing efficiency for companies that manage large inventories and unique requirements. Reach out to us to talk about your goals and how automation can help.