An open system connects technology at all stages of your workflow

More companies want open systems

Choices for innovative technology keep expanding. We see companies wanting systems that comply with an open standard that allows a variety of software to connect. Because of the benefits from this approach, fewer companies are seeking a proprietary all-in-one system.

With an open data standard companies can be self-reliant, use the best tools and not be tied to a vendor’s upgrade schedule. Because their operation is critical to their communities, open tools provide more flexibility and access.

Why not work with ease?

So much struggle and cost in the workplace can be traced back to technology tools that don’t fit well.

  • If it’s the wrong tool for the job, then errors, bottlenecks and job dissatisfaction grow.
  • If the data in one department isn’t accessible to others who need it, then things don’t flow efficiently and teamwork suffers.
  • If the tools don’t support the way people need to do their jobs, then time is spent on blaming and on workarounds—rather than on innovation to better serve customers.

With an open system, you can have the perfect tool for each job AND have everything work together smoothly and transparently.

Projects flow easily when all your company’s technology connects. Your people are well-supported in their work to drive quality and innovation.

Open systems excel at change

The same flexibility that allows a wide variety of software to communicate also allows the system to adapt to ongoing business changes in a fluid manner.

Is there a new regulation you must comply with? Is your growth creating the need to automate tax filings in multiple jurisdictions? Does your operations manager have a brilliant scheduling idea to improve your response time?

Count on an open system to offer options so you can respond to changes like these in your business.

Software that connects all the pieces

The key is to have a core “backbone” system that allows all the other pieces to snap in. A system that offers source code gives that flexibility. When the source code can be modified, you gain complete control to do things however you want to.

The best system lets you:

1. Perform your job perfectly with specialized tools of your choice, and

2. Share data across your company so your team can work together with ease

An open system’s communication standards are independent of any software supplier.

Most ERP systems aren’t fully open – they offer areas of customization and an ability to connect to other software, but with limits. Open systems are designed for cost-effective modification and integration. We use the best, AccountMate ERP, which is open all the way down to its source code.

For 25 years we’ve connected our clients to AccountMate source code software. It’s the best in its class, offering out of the box 80% of what large proprietary $1M+ systems offer for 10% of the cost. It gives you choices, control and the ability to let your people really soar.

With no constraints placed on your ideas, might it be time for you to innovate?

Give us a call to talk about the software you have now that needs to connect better to your workflow.