Are you a creative manager who’s always looking to make your company better?

A good accounting and ERP system can handle all your creative ideas for innovation. Take a look at the ways you can improve using the tool you might take for granted—your software.

  • You see opportunities for sales growth and bigger market share.
  • You excel at streamlining processes to increase your efficiency and competitiveness.
  • You love talking to customers and your team to look for ways to deliver better quality and customer service.  

Flexible software can help you get your best ideas up and running quickly and economically.

Example: Faster order processing in less than 60 days—Suppose you’ve heard about companies using tablets and phones for taking orders and you believe your sales team would benefit. You say, “Let’s try that!”

You plug in a trial version of a mobile app that syncs with your ERP and accounting system. One of your salespeople tests order entry from on the road. Your consultant (that’s us!) shows how it can be tailored to your unique process.

Once you’re convinced it’s a fit, you get the new tools set up and everyone trained before it goes live just weeks after you had the idea. 

  • Now your home office gets new sales orders before the salesperson leaves the customer site.
  • Everyone knows what inventory is committed in real time, instead of waiting for an end-of-day report.
  • Your customers see their orders fulfilled faster, while your billing flows faster too.

That’s innovation at work!

What creative idea is on your mind that you’d like to give a try?