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We went from a 50 million to over 100 million dollar shop in a matter of years, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Mark & AIS and their expertise in the development & support of our custom AccountMate ERP.

– Pat Nugent,
Softland International


AIS has over 20 years of experience in Support & Custom Programming, Business Workflow, and Training & Implementation for AccountMate


Becoming expert in your business model is how we optimize & customize your AccountMate system for unsurpassed functionality.


AIS has helped hundreds of companies achieve their ERP goals with custom solutions AND they’re AccountMate MVP National Award Winners!

Over $100M in profits for our customers

It isn’t because our programmers are quick and competent. And it’s not because of our decades of expertise in AccountMate support. It’s because of our Ethic that a company shouldn’t be gouged for their ERP system and can rely on a fair and honest partner to support and fulfill their systems needs. We look forward to being that partner for you well into the future. And if you’re curious how, take a look at this detailed analysis of how we helped one of our largest clients grow by over 100% in less than 10 years.

Ditch the workarounds, the bottlenecks and the hassles

Success isn’t just the software. Success is streamlined technology that flexibly fits the daily flow of your products, your sales orders, and your finances. We tailor AccountMate to support your people, new ideas, marketplace changes, and company growth so you can all work with ease.

Roll out your new ideas quickly

Respond to your customers brilliantly

Stay ahead of your competition

Manage your finances confidently

Make your teams’ jobs easier

Analysis & Information Services treats all of our clients like family and maintains long-term win-win business partnerships with them for decades.

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Are you already aware of inefficiencies that need to be addressed in your business?

  • Is your company inputting the same data two or more times along the way?
  • Does it take you 45 minutes to input a PO or a sales order?
  • Do you have complex product lines and customer requirements that have been tough to automate?

Our new clients often already knew what they wanted… but they hadn’t found it yet

  • They’d seen countless software demos and webinars.
  • They’d tried standard software that hadn’t let them run their business the way they wanted to.
  • They’d worked with vendors who didn’t do what they said they would.

That’s maddening!

At AIS, we combine our consultative approach and expertise with flexible software. We work collectively as a team with our clients and come up with a “Digital Blueprint” that is built to ensure the software performs exactly the way our clients intended.  The Software is source code ready and will allow your team to request modifications as your needs peridically change. Read about our approach and our belief in integrity.

AccountMate Support In Minutes

Within minutes you will be speaking with the Award Winning Elite AccountMate Partner that has analysts, programmers, and support specialists and that bring over 30 years of experience to address your needs.

AIS is the winner of The AccountMate National MVP Award


“Expert automation with integrity” is our credo. We’re grateful for the opportunity to earn your business.

A value-added reseller with over 30 years of enterprise level business software experience

Before planning your system and implementation, AIS walks your facilities with you to understand your workflow. And we talk to your people to understand what works, what doesn’t, and what’s needed—all with an eye to using technology to make the workflow as easy as possible from end to end.

Read more about our Technology Impact Assessment process.


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AIS—Analysis & Information Services

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