Give your employees the tools to excel in their work

When your customers drive you to add new capabilities and capacity, the urgency can lead to a decision to settle for less in the short term.

But if you’re more of an innovative, growth-driven business owner, it’s smarter (and cheaper!) to think farther out, and look at software that’s flexible enough to bend to all your needs and ideas for years to come.

For a mid-sized business, fully customizable integrated CRM, ERP and financial software doesn’t cost a million dollars or require you to hire a full-time programmer. And it doesn’t take 12-18 months to put a system in place. More like 60-90 days and without slowing your production in the transition.

How Softland got the business-critical technology improvements they’d been wanting

Softland International is a distributor that supplies entertainment media (movies, music, games, etc.) to retail stores on U.S. military bases and ships worldwide.

Their heavy transaction volume was making it difficult to keep up with changes like inventory data for new products and pricing that varies per store. The warehouse pickers were creating shipment errors due to large and repetitive orders, and there was a crippling lack of data about remote store stock levels.

Softland’s CEO wanted to solve the problems while also positioning his company for ongoing future growth. We at AIS overlaid those objectives with the results of our Technology Impact Assessment of their business. We pinpointed which laser-focused customizations would make the biggest impact to their bottom line.

Their new AccountMate system resulted in volume growth, increased profit and greatly improved customer service. Softland continues to review their processes to find new ways to leverage AIS and AccountMate.

Extract the most leverage from your technology

The key is to overlay your knowledge of your business and industry with the expertise of a consultant who can pull from best practices and other company’s experiences, bringing creative solutions to your problems.

Then pair that with a proven system that fully opens up its source code so it can be modified to meet your unique requirements with no limitations.

That’s how you hone in on the 1% of the software to customize that will deliver a 10-times return on investment or better, without breaking the bank.

At AIS, we build partnerships with innovative companies to give their employees the tools to excel.

Are you in urgent need of better software?

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