Find the sweet spot

Combine your knowledge of your business, our expertise in business processes, and automation

Most business owners have ideas for modifying their company’s software to solve a problem, or plugging in a new module to add more capability. But business owners are also busy, and careful with their spending. So, a potentially disruptive project like changing the software can sit on the wish list for a long time.

It’s key to discuss any potential technology fix or enhancement thoughtfully to make sure it’s going to deliver a positive return.

Consider questions like these:

  • Is a technology change even the best answer for this? How have other companies we’ve worked with addressed this need? Is there a way to get a similar return by instead focusing on training, staff buy-in to a business process, a creative change to the workflow, or another human factor?
  • How can the system be changed without it costing a fortune? How can the transition be made in a way that doesn’t harm or disrupt the daily workflow? Can the system’s users participate in the assessment process—and have training in advance so they’re comfortable with the new way before it goes live?

You know your business and the unique value it delivers.

We know how to make technology increase that value.

Let’s combine your expertise and ours, to make the unique value of your business and your team shine brightly.

As outside consultants, we connect your insider business expertise with our extended 30+ years of experience helping other companies. Our approach is to work side-by-side with you. See things as they truly are and could be. Identify what is critical and what isn’t. Know how to respond adeptly.