Embed your rules into sales order creation

Sales orders sit at the intersection of most processes in your business. To head off problems, it’s crucial to keep things simple and consistent.

Here are three sales order screens we customized for clients that illustrate how well AccountMate can adapt to your highly specific workflow and preferences.

1. Sales orders that automatically comply with contracts

To accommodate a customer’s compliance with a contact protocol, we added fields and created functions to automatically generate codes and discounts based on their process.  

The elements between the red lines were all added to allow easy contract compliance. We also added new discounting logic, and additional item data.

2. A custom button added to clone the last sales order

We added a button which used their logic to automatically build an order based on a past order. It saved time and allowed the sales rep to use his time connecting with the customer and upselling.

Adding a button is only possible because AccountMate offers its source code; other accounting systems limit your customization to built-in choices on the existing menus and they won’t let you redesign the screen.

The button we added lets the sales rep see all past orders based on the client’s criteria presented as a grid with just the fields they wanted. It really sped up their process.

3. Promotional offers built into the sales order

We added a function which looks at an allocation file, which allows a manager to pre-assign quantities of product available per customer. It was critical to ensuring quantities sold by a sales rep were available according to their marketing strategy.

This added function was built to allow the sales team to successfully comply with promotions

AccountMate’s deep flexibility ensures that accurate information is ready wherever it’s needed and all your procedures are easy and automatic to follow.

To see more sales order capabilities, contact us for a demo or to ask about capabilities you have in mind.