Automation to the rescue—with AccountMate’s TaxJar Integration Module!

  • Have you ever gotten a notice from a random city or county stating that you owe them sales tax plus penalties—and then you discovered it’s related to a sale you made many months ago and you didn’t charge that tax to your customer at the time? Ouch.
  • Have you tried to research which sales tax jurisdictions your customer’s address falls into and what those current sales tax rates are?
  • Have you spent time filling out sales tax forms and remittances for individual jurisdictions?

State, county, city and other US tax jurisdictions have quickly taken advantage of the US Supreme Court’s 2018 Wayfair decision. That ruling opened the doors for local jurisdictions to collect sales tax even when your company doesn’t have a physical office or presence in your customer’s state.

There are over 14,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the US, each with their own product categorization rules, tax rates, and deadlines. Many of them don’t notify you when they make changes; it’s up to you to figure it out.

The very good news is, you can automate the correct collection and payment of these sales taxes, and avoid late fees and bureaucratic hassles.

AccountMate’s TaxJar Integration Module ensures that you’re always up-to-date on every US jurisdiction. The module feeds the most current details to your system so that you charge the correct tax amount for each sales order.

➤ Collect the correct sales tax from your customers

➤ Get your sales tax filing forms automatically generated for each jurisdiction

Here are some of the time-saving features:

  • Apply tax rules to your inventoried products—because different jurisdictions often categorize the same product differently for sales tax purposes.
  • Have the correct state nexus and jurisdiction sales tax applied to each sales order automatically.
  • Verify the expiration date of your customer’s tax exemption certificate to confirm you don’t need to charge sales tax—or that you need to ask your customer for an unexpired certificate.
  • View and track each transaction’s sales taxes due to state, county, city and other tax jurisdictions. Even better, receive automatically-generated sales tax forms with total payment due amounts.
  • Receive automated emails with reminders of state tax remittance reminders of due dates—and have the forms automatically filed for you if you wish.

Enjoy the flexibility of setting many options to fit your preferences, like whether to choose your own tax rate to be used for an order, and whether or not to recalculate the sales taxes each time a change is made that affects the tax amount.

TaxJar for AccountMateClick to view or download the 2-page PDF brochure: AccountMate TaxJar Integration Module

Sales tax complexity is here to stay. Reach out to AIS for help to save time and money by automating all the details of these processes.