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Get a better accounting system in place—
one that will adapt and grow with you for decades

Many organizations need more than stock software in today’s complex world. Modifiable software is often a necessity. It helps with stability, management success, and customer experience to have your financial or inventory management software guide your workflow and exactly match the way you want to work.

1. Your personalized plan

With our expert technology impact assessment, you’ll understand exactly where to prioritize to gain the best benefits and ROI.

2. Your flexible tools

You’ll be 100% free to operate the way you want to, with the most adaptable accounting, fund accounting, ERP and financial management software available.

3. Your trusted partner

We’ll help you with ideas, support, and system improvements as you keep innovating and responding to market changes over the years.

Choose the industry that fits you

Top 2 reasons that distributors decide, “We need new software.”

1. You have new top management

Maybe a son or daughter takes over, or the company is sold. After many years of things at the company being done the same way, the new CEO is ready to make decisions that are pertinent to today’s market, leveraging technology to innovate and improve the workflow.

2. Your volume is up, bringing new requirements

Perhaps a new, large customer requires that you to add EDI capabilities. Or you expand into a regulated market where you must be able to track expiration dates and product sources on a lot basis. Or you need more sophisticated calculations for your purchasing re-order points as your inventory costs rise.

A good place to start is to assess which is most critical to your business:

Maintaining a high quantity or volume without workflow blockages or inconsistencies


Maintaining a high level of quality control over your items (number of steps, decision points, or details and attributes tracked per item) to ensure accuracy

Then, focus your technology budget on the appropriate software and expertise to help you optimize those mission-critical processes.


Don’t spread your software budget evenly across your workflow

Your high-value process is the place to really tailor your system. That’s where it pays to remove all constraints, optimize things, and bolster your ability to innovate and iterate.

In the other areas of your workflow, stick with the standard choices that come with the software. Or add smaller software tweaks just in the places where it will make people’s jobs a lot easier. And for any functions you don’t need, don’t buy them.

We’d look forward to walking your warehouse(s) with you to understand your business. We’ll bring you ideas and recommendations based on our experience with other distributors who were at a similar stage of growth as you are now. Email us with what’s on your mind or give us a call at (410) 561-0778 .

Have you bumped into the limitations of off-the-shelf software?

When a manufacturer is innovative by nature, they innovate not just with products and customer service, but with their internal processes as well.

Examples of special requirements you might have:

  • You use different units of measurement for purchase vs. manufacture vs. sales, where the logic to sync these up isn’t simple
  • Your pricing rules vary by customer contract or quote
  • Your customer buys their own raw goods and materials and you need to track those separately
  • Your scheduling needs change with the types of jobs you work on
  • You need to track items by serial number. Or by lot, with full traceability for regulatory compliance.

The trouble is that most software can’t adapt to special requirements like that. Or if it can, it involves a costly, year-long programming project.

Remove your technology constraints

Our specialty is setting up your financial and ERP system to fit your needs.

We use flexible source code software that’s specifically built to encourage any aspect to be changed. 

Those little bits of tailoring can make a big difference, allowing you to track and manage things exactly the way you want to.

Once you get used to how easy it is to tweak how things work, you’ll be able to make cost-effective improvements to your system on an ongoing basis to keep ratcheting up your productivity and ease of work. It’s an exciting way to work.

From a single  plant to multiple worldwide locations…. from one $2M unit/month to a thousand $2 units/hour:

  • Line manufacturing 
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Process manufacturing
  • Job shop
  • Integrated distribution and services functions 

Your specialty manufacturing situation can be easily supported. Your “weird” requirement can be handled. Expert consulting is included.

Our flexible mid-tier systems cover the full range of manufacturing and accounting capabilities. We invite you to begin a conversation with us about your vision for how you want things to work. What brings you to our site today? Email us or call us at (410) 561-0778.

Would you like to track your impact performance as well as you track your profits?

You can assess your social impact metrics as systematically as your financial metrics, by using a flexible accounting system that can track both.

  • Measure individual human impacts – You might set up alerts for steps in your workflow to learn where you can proactively make your employees’ jobs easier.
  • Measure community impacts – Perhaps you want to measure how your vendors and suppliers align with your company values so you can prioritize where to support them in improving weaker areas.
  • Measure environmental impacts – You could go deeper than typical sustainability checklists (“organic,” “recyclable,” “green”) to a meaningful system that helps drive down your company’s environmental footprint.
  • Report with transparency to any stakeholder group whether customers, investors, supply chain partners, board members, customers or employees.
  • Demonstrate the benefits you’re producing, clean and clear, free of harm to people and planet.
  • Document compliance for internal and external validation.

What do you wish you could measure and monitor as you focus on making the world better?

We believe that true accounting in business includes social impact assessment. Let’s talk about innovative ways to report on the data that will give actionable insights for your decision making. What aspect of your business are you seeking to improve? Email us or call us at (410) 561-0778.

Is the complexity of your funding increasing?

Consider managing your operations with a robust financial system that custom-fits your mission and makes things flow better.

  • Fund accounting with unlimited funds (permanently restricted, temporarily restricted and unrestricted) with customizable fund types
  • Automatic inter-fund balancing to prevent errors, and transparency and traceability tools keep your stakeholders up to date
  • Contribution management and secure acceptance of online payments and recurring donations
  • HR, donor and volunteer databases to make it easy to track current contact info, log communications, and as many other data fields as you want.
  • Unlimited reporting options offering standard reports plus any type of reports or financial statements you wish. No more piles of spreadsheets.
  • Adapt to unique needs – Maybe you have an inventory of physical items to track, or delivery routes to optimize, or another process that’s less typical for nonprofits. Those can be integrated into your system too.

We’ll set up reliable financial tools and internal controls to help you optimize the strength of your nonprofit, your connections, and your beneficial impact. 

We’d be genuinely thrilled to talk with you no matter how large or small your nonprofit is. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions. Email us or call us at (410) 561-0778.

Do you need a better way to track and organize your time billing?

If your jobs and billing cycles are getting more complex, take a look at a financial management system to help you stay on top of the hours you’re billing.

  • Automate your billing – Get invoicing that’s tailored to your off-site or in-house services (consulting, installation, inspection, repair, training, accounting, engineering, etc.)
  • Keep your projects current – Access project status, key dates, earned revenue, billed-to-date amounts and more. Easily answer questions about work you’ve done and billing.
  • Manage labor costs – Track sub-contractor and employee time with the option to post actual costs to client projects.
  • Document anything for your projects – Time stamps, screen shots, warranty info, serial numbers, photos, work notes, follow-up actions, etc.
  • Simplify job costing and estimates – Clone previous project estimates, issue change orders, compare actual costs to estimates, and define your own cost codes
  • Invoice for parts – If you resell items and manage an inventory, use a single system that integrates this with your time billing

A flexible accounting system will give you a consistent operations protocol and ensure that nothing is falling through the cracks.

We’d welcome a conversation about ideas to maximize your profitability without stressing you out. What aspect of your services workflow are you hoping to enhance? Email us or call us at (410) 561-0778.

Does your old billing technology frustrate your members and your staff?

You could phase in a flexible, modern system that integrates with your accounting system and works the way you want to.

  • Electronic billing accepts online payments—even from your members’ mobile devices―with options for check scanning and deposits, budget and payment plans, automated phone payments, and more. Your members can access all their account information online.
  • Automated network administration takes care of regular system backups and data security for your billing system
  • Remote access gives you the freedom to do billing, customer service, payment processing and reporting from any internet-connected computer and printer
  • Multiple services billing handles it all if your electric cooperative also provides gas, water, sewer or trash pickup services
  • Billing and payments processing is an option if you’d like to outsource repetitive mailings and collections or have a backup in place

Does your cooperative handle something in a unique way that your members enjoy? No problem. Your new system will fit your service area.

At AIS, we deeply believe in self-reliance, cooperation and the concern for community that cooperatives embody. It would be our pleasure to talk with you. Which aspect of your member services has you looking at new solutions? Email us or call us at (410) 561-0778.

Our clients really benefit from a change to their software when they have a core need like one of these:

1. You have a  defined process…
Now you want to automate it

You can have a continuously flowing process that really makes things hum. We’ll integrate specialty software with your accounting, eliminate manual steps, remove workarounds, get your data flowing, and help your team brush up on any needed software skills.

2. You have a smooth process…
But something new is happening

You expanded your market and order processing is backlogged. Or you’re bringing payroll in-house. Or you’re adding ecommerce to stay competitive. Sometimes it’s a simple process adjustment. Other times your software has to change; we’ll adapt it to fit to your new requirement

3. You have a simple  process…
Yet your software can’t scale up well

Maybe your accounting system is now too cumbersome because you have more transactions. Or you need to comply with new regulations but the software can’t do it. We’ll move you to a terrific mid-tier system that’s affordable and will serve you for many years to come.

4. You have a complex process…
You want it to run really well

You know your business well and have done some process optimization. Now you want a plan for getting to the next new levels of efficiency. We’ll examine your process and help you map out priorities with suggestions, ideas, best practices and options. And we’ll help you get started too.

5. You have an outdated process…
Now someone new is in charge

Does the younger generation of your family business now have the helm? Do you have a new CEO, or maybe you’re the new CEO? New leadership brings new energy and a readiness to modernize, innovate and streamline. We’ll help make your software support your vision.

“The point of accounting is to be mindful of all parts of your operations and appropriately care for them.”

Extra-flexible accounting software

AccountMate is used in over 200 industries for accounting, financial management, workflow management and ERP

With AccountMate, it’s easy to run things exactly the way you want:

  • Optimize tools for each job
  • Keep your workflow moving well
  • Support your unique requirements
  • Test and tweak your ideas
  • Get better data to inform your decisions
  • Handle growth and complexity
  • Be self-reliant with less risk and more options

AccountMate is completely open, giving you a brilliant ability to dream and innovate anything. At the same time it’s a pragmatic, cost-effective, rock-solid accounting system.

It will serve you well for decades without you having to re-buy a system or throw out your knowledge and experience to move to a new system.  You get self-reliance and control, and complete flexibility over when you upgrade.

Choose from a wide variety of modules and add-ons. Buy only what you need, only when you need it.

Examples of add-ons to fit key processes

  • Service dispatch & route management

    Give your drivers optimized routes and schedules on their mobile devices – along with order processing, contact info, inventory lookup, and more.

  • Point of sale

    Run your specialty retail register with simple transaction screens, strong cash management, inventory management, customer communications and more to maximize efficiency.

  • Mobile sales

    Let your sales team manage the entire sales process from their mobile devices while they’re with customers, without waiting to get back to their desks.

  • Ecommerce

    Have orders from your website, Amazon and other online stores automatically create sales orders and integrate with your accounting in real time 24/7.

  • Automatic document delivery

    Make document delivery paperless and fast – get your orders, statements, invoices, POs and more from your accounting system to all the right people

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

    Track all data and activities for your customers, funders, vendors and others, in a central place that AR, shipping and other functions can automatically pull from.

  • Business intelligence

    Pull existing data and financials from your system into easy real-time reports and automated alerts, so you can make better decisions and head off problems.

  • Payroll reporting

    Automate your electronic filing and payroll reporting process for employee federal and state-specific W-2s and 1099s.

  • Packing & shipping automation

    Stay on top of your shipping details, automates manual steps, increases accuracy, and lets you and your recipients track every shipment’s details.

  • Fixed asset management & depreciation

    Simplify your fixed asset management and audits, stay current with ongoing tax law changes, and clean up your inconsistent depreciation calculations.

  • Shop floor automation & scheduling

    Integrate your manufacturing workflow with planning, scheduling, BOMs, costing, ordering, routing, machining, inventory and accounting.

  • Job costing

    Get full job costing analysis from “estimate” to “actual,” looking at labor, materials, subcontracting and billing to help you stay profitable in each job.